Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Name Recovery

I love my neighbors.

I am sandwiched between two families, unlike them who are sandwiched between us and college students, ugh (I live near the second-largest university in America). One neighbor has high school-age kids and the other has four young kids.

My young-kids neighbor is the nicest man. He's hispanic with a very thick accent. Because he is extremely friendly, he's the kind of man that knows everyone in the neighborhood. He loves his kids and spends a lot of time with them outside. So if I step out of the house in the afternoon, chances are I will see him and what's more, he'll come say hello.

He's told me his name and at the time of the exchange, I asked him to repeat his name. Both times I did not understand him. Not only was it a peculiar name I've never heard of, his accent is very hard to follow. In a normal conversation I have to pay close attention to what he says.

So, my question to you (the four people that read this blog) is how do I go about finding out his name?


Anonymous said...

Ask his wife. Good luck. Mom

mo.honey said...

Introduce him to us and we'll ask his name, inclusive of the spelling. ;)

Duane said...

Wasn't this a Seinfeld episode? Is it Mulva?

Connie R. said...

Pull out his mail and look at it when no one is looking.

Wootman said...

Give him an index card pre-scribed with Name: Addy: Tele: Bday: Anniv: email: etc... You get the drift. Just tell him you're going to put it up or away somewhere so that you can refer to it when needed--and be sure to hand him one that looks the same with all your info on it too!

But I have to say, Duane's answer was best... "Oooooh, DOLORES! (God bless Seinfeld)

Alison said...

All these are great ideas! Last night I was strolling to the mailboxes and chatted with my other neighbor. I admitted that I couldn't understand the other neighbors name and did he know it. He's been living here for 5 years and admitted to me that he couldn't understand it either!!! LOL! I know for sure it does not rhyme with a male's body part. ;p