Friday, March 11, 2011

Southern Gardening

Week 10 - Southern Gardening, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Ahhhh, Spring.

If anyone asked me what my favorite season was, I'd say Spring. Ask me in September and I'd say Autumn but that's beside the point. I love the new growth, the fresh rain, longer days, warmer weather and of course, gardening.

I drew out my gardening plan last month and have been patiently waiting till March to execute. It's been a hard wait let me tell you. But this week I got to shop for the perfect plant and what catapulted me into utter bliss was the opportunity to plant that perfect plant.

I'm starting out light, four containers only. One, the upcoming Florida summer makes it IMPOSSIBLE to work outdoors so to have to tend to an entire garden is suicide for me *and* the plants. Two, we rent a piece of property with established vegetation in all the existing beds. And three, I do not know how to work with Florida's climate, pests and soil yet. Four containers seems like a good start.

I'm most excited to try out some typical southern plants, begonias especially. Begonias thrive in a tropical climate. It would have been difficult to grow these in California only because they require so much water. All the plantings are located on the west-side of the house which means brutal afternoon sun. If I have any problem with the begonia, it will be too much sun.

In addition to potting plants, I also cut away the frost damage on the existing plants and laid fresh mulch on the beds. Floridians love the red mulch! I prefer the more natural brown but then again I'm from California. So to blend in with my community I used red. Needed a few more bags so I headed to Home Depot, grabbed some red mulch and went to the checkout. To my delight, they had bags of the same mulch for 50% off because they had holes in the bag. WINNING! For $4.54 I got 3 bags of mulch and the pipe needed to convert my sprinkler to drip. BI-WINNING!

By the end of the day, our front yard looked brand new. Management/Owner will be happy, so much so maybe I can talk them into allowing us to get a kitty. But I digress. A hot shower and four advils later I felt pleased with what I had accomplished for the day. I am so happy to be tending, fertilizing and watering.


Anonymous said...

let me know how begonias and the western planting works. I plan to put them under my tropical palms along the side fence (pretty shady under the foliage there). You should ask your landlord for a rental reduction as you are beautifying the property!!!!! Bet it looks GREAT! ysm

RollerScrapper said...

i'm so excited to be able to have plants at the new house, the captain is starting some heirloom tomatoes and i have 5 sprout babies that i've been tending to!

Rachel said...

If I had a yard, I'd be OBSESSED with gardening. As it is now, all I have is buying a new plant every Sunday at the Farmer's Market. But I'm right there with you in spirit! Love it!

Alison said...

@YSM I think we are getting a fence instead of rental reduction and I am satisfied with that! So far the begonias are doing great! YOU let ME know how your benonias do.

@RS Good luck with the new plants. Armstrongs sells the best organic starters and fertilizers. If you get a chance, check it out. It's been the best product I've used, IMHO.

@Rachel Do you have a balcony? If anyone can master the art of container gardening, once you get to ground gardening, you'll be a pro. You take after your mama. She had the best garden!