Friday, March 18, 2011

Gaterrs n Rednecks

 Gaterrs n Rednecks, originally uploaded by A!ison.

It's a fact, an air boat ride is the best redneck pastime EVAR!

T.$'s parental units were in town and asked Special K and I to join them on an air boat ride. OMG, it was the best tourist activity we've done here in Florida; cheaper than Disney World and more thrilling than any rollercoaster. The best part? We saw HUGE gators and not one or two here and there... it was the gator ghetto let me tell you.

That is the footwear of Captain Bruce. He pushed the airboat from the bank of the
swamp twice and did not get a drop of water or mud on his 'shoes'.

If you ever happen to make to Orlando, go on an air boat ride. Better yet, book it with Captain Bruce. His boat is smaller than the other commercial air boats which allowed us to go places the bigger boats couldn't. Also, book your ride for the morning before all the other air boats get out. You'll see more gators that way.

Read T.$'s take on it all here.


mo.honey said...

I love when you post about stuff we did together cuz then I don't have to; and you do SUCH an awesome job with the photos and the story! "gator ghetto" LOL. I also liked how you quoted Captain Bruce's "shoes". I guess when you're native to the Florida swamps and can build your own fan boat, socks and flip-flops are the way to go!!! lolol

Connie R. said...

Ha ha Gator Ghetto!

PennyPrincess said...

We should've done this when I was out there I wanted to see some ghetto gators! Don't think Grandma would've gone for it tho lol