Friday, March 25, 2011

Green Slimy Fraidycat

Green Slimy Fraidycat, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Can you imagine having to shut a gate with this little guy sprawled all over the hardware? And not just any gate... a gate that's quasi-busted so you have to get right up on it with your body, lift the bottom of the door with your foot (god knows what's slithering UNDER the door) while keeping the latch in the open position so it will close properly.

I tried slamming the door shut but it didn't latch, hence it's brokenness and the force almost took the entire fence down!

So I "stood" there and debated what to do. If I shut it the proper way two things could get on my bare hand, his slimy green feet or his slimy green guts. Either this little guy was going to jump and attack me, just look at the hate in his eyes, or he was getting caught in the moving parts of the gate.

As I ran in place, shaking my hands and squealing like a little girl (that's what I meant by "stood there"), the Greek's wife boldly walked up to the gate, lifted the bottom of the door and latched it, no green slimy nothing. Wow, I was in awe. She is my hero.


Connie R. said...

Ally would never survive there.

Alison said...

LOL! I hear ya... I'm barely surviving myself friend.