Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sick as a cheetah

Sick as a cheetah, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I have been so sick.

I've neglected the blog, Facebook, dishes and showers; me taking one, not cleaning one.

I missed a sleuth of birthdays and let's face it, they're hard to make up.

The mailbox even overflowed! In this day in age when all we get is Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and some invoice from a mom-n-pop bill collector that doesn't have paperless. Sheesh.

What I did manage to accomplish?
  • Finished off an entire box of tissue.
  • Ingested enough NyQuil to tranquilize a cheetah.
  • Watched the six Biggest Loser shows in my Hulu queue (that's 9 hours of viewing pleasure).
  • Smeared enough germs over the house to infect Special K.
  • Molded my hair into the raddest fohawk to ever walk this earth.
  • And lost 4.7 pounds for the week (never a bad thing).


RollerScrapper said...

sorry you're sick! I gave up on watching back episodes of the biggest loser and plan to start back up on tuesday. I just read the wiki entry on out because I was too daunted by the weeks and weeks I'm behind.

Anonymous said...

so sorry that you went through such a sicky time!!!! Hope you are feeling great now and out and about enjoying Florida! Miss you; looking forward to June. YSM