Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazing Coffee Cubes

People, I am addicted to coffee. I cannot start my day without a cup. If I could, I'd have a coffee maker on my nightstand with a looooong straw that stretched to my pillow so I wouldn't even have to lift my head to get that first sip.

But summer is upon us and as much as I LOVE coffee, a hot beverage on a hot morning is kinda yucky. What's that you say? Have an iced coffee? Well, I would but the problem is the ice waters down the coffee and it's not nearly as potent or delicious as a hot cup, which got me thinking...

Coffee is made from water right, so why couldn't I make coffee ice cubes? Brew some strong coffee and pour it all into an ice tray?

Let me tell you, it worked and I think I need a freaking pulizer for this.

First, the actual cubes: I was a little concerned that the cubes would come out broken or like how sometimes only half the cube pops out of the tray. Turns out coffee is kinda oily so the cubes popped out perfectly! And for the same reason they do not stick to each other being stored.

Now the cooling of the coffee: I had to use EIGHT standard sized cubes to get the coffee cold. I used a thermo-type cup which I'm sure helped retain the colder temp. If I had used a regular glass I think the coffee would have only been room temp or cool.

And the taste: oh-em-gee, it was the BEST iced coffee I ever had! Since the cubes melted into pure coffee, it tasted as if I had espresso added to my cup. YUMM-O

You're Welcome. =)


RollerScrapper said...

Nice idea! Next you will have to dream up cocktail ice like oj cubes to go in vodka...or cranberry cubes

Rachel said...

Totally going to do this!!!

Connie R. said...

Awesome! Cracking up at the straw and the pillow.

Penny Princess said...

This is also a great way to not waste day-old coffee!