Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey Easter Beaches

Honey Beaches, originally uploaded by A!ison.

My Other Honey visited us this past Easter weekend. This is our Easter picture. You can't really tell but we are all wearing a spring blue, we matched beautifully!

We spent the weekend at the beach. See, My Other Honey comes from a harsh winter and rainy spring so this 85 degree sunshine is exactly what he needed.

I just love the beach. I realized this weekend in talking it out with My Other Honey that our visitors from San Diego never mention a desire to go to the beach when they are here. It's always the typical... Disney World, Sea World or Universal Studios. I realized that San Diegians *have* a beach and it's only a big deal two times a year when it gets above 78. Before I moved to Florida, beaches were drab, cold and overcast and the water is just too cold to every fully enjoy. Florida beaches on the other hand don't have a "marine layer", it's as hot on the beach as it is inland (which means the beach can get over 100 degrees during the summer) and the Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico is warmer than the Pacific. Also, because the beach is so warm, the water is refreshing and enjoyable.

My Other Honey and Me at Clearwater Beach

I love San Diego but when you know nothing different (as I did), you really believe San Diego beaches are the end of the line. Sorry, but it's simply not true. Love ya. Mean it. But there is nothing like a **warm** beach. Makes me wonder what other beaches are out there and who knew I was a beach bum?

Like every visitor we've had, it's sad to see them go. Someone recently asked me if I missed the social life we had in San Diego and my response was, it's not hard to be lonely when people visit us so frequently. =) We are blessed with magnificent family and friends! My Other Honey is one of the greatest!!


Connie Rollins

Love the warm East coast water. My kid's said it was like taking a bath! With salts (ha!)...

Wootman said...

Every time you look into the mirror, you should understand the attraction of us wanting to visit you... :)

Alison said...

Thanks Wootman. I cannot WAIT to see your face!!