Sunday, May 29, 2011

Government Dingbats

In May 2010, we paid the State of California $476 for my truck's registration. We moved to Florida one month later. Now, the State of Florida requires that you transfer your vehicle registration within 10 days. Oh ya, and they want over $400 to do it!

Needless to say I was not about to shell out $900 in car registrations over a one month period of time. So I told Florida to suck it and was going to drive my truck with California plates until someone made me change them or until they expired in May 2011.

Well, no one made me change them, I successfully drove around Florida with out-of-state plates for 11 months, breakinthelaw breakinthelaw. But the time has come for renewal so Special K and I made a visit to the local "tax collector" (they don't have a DMV like California).

STICK WITH ME... I swear there is a story here!!!!

Let's go back to last June when Special K had to register *his* car. Went to the "tax collector" and got the world's WORST tax collector employee. She was slow in speed and wits. She was unsure of every piece of paperwork, she had to seek council with each new section. She argued that the dealer that sold us the car put down the wrong tax percentage (I'm not even exaggerating). It was pure torture. To make matters worse, she spent 15 minutes of our time while she "made copies" of all the paperwork. When we went back some 30 days later to complete the registration (had to order paperwork from the lien holder), all the paperwork that she copied was missing. I seriously don't know how this woman stays employed. Oh ya, she works for the government, never mind.

Fast forward to today. Special K and I walk into the building and immediately see that the dingbat is working. I mean seriously folks, out of all the agents working that day, what are the odds we would get her again? I guess it's like 1 to 1.

My kind husband, always giving the benefit of the doubt thought *maybe* it was her first day on the job last time and that she would be better today. WRONG! She kept asking us what "class" my truck was, an SUV or a pickup? Um, shouldn't she know this already? Why is she asking us? And isn't it kinda obvious it's a truck? She also made a big deal about our proof of insurance. The date on the document had the renewal date therefore she could not use it. My husband who is slow to anger, began arguing with her that it was the renewal date and the policy number was still effective. She gave us back the "proof of insurance" paper and kept the "insurance card" which technically is NOT proof of insurance but whatever.

At one point she walked across the office and grabbed us a Florida plate. She then stood in the middle of the room and slowly turned in circles. People, I am not even lying to you. Special K wanted to wave and yell "WE'RE OVER HERE". She eventually made her back to her desk and handed us the plate.

I'm now driving a Florida registered car but have duel citizenship because my California plate is still on the front. Duel-Coast citizenship. =)

I could not pass up another incognito photo of our favorite tax collector agent. Thankfully, we will not have to see her for another 10 years or so when we purchase another car. But two facts remain: 1.) she will STILL be employed there and 2.) she WILL be the one to "help" us.

Government Dingbats, originally uploaded by A!ison.


RollerScrapper said...

Oh torturous!
I have misplaced my social security card in the house. I'd better never need another job because if I can't find it I will have to go back to the social security office!
Last time I was at the dmv I wanted to use just my middle initials, versus my whole name, the passport people let me do it, but the lady at the dmv insisted it wasn't possible, until she realized how long my name was and asked me how I wanted to abbreviate...

mo.honey said...

LOL you took her picture!! LOL