Friday, June 17, 2011

Cuyamaca Birthday Hike

Week 23 - Cuyamaca Birthday Hike by A!ison
Cuyamaca Birthday Hike, a photo by A!ison on Flickr.

One of my most cherished memories is hiking up Stonewall with our good friends one day last May. I blogged all about here.

This past Wednesday we got another chance to do it again! This time we brought my momma, who turned 60 that day and my lil' brother. I mean, how cool is that, that my 60 year old momma wanted to hike! I'm so proud of her.

We got to the trail head early but discovered Stonewall was closed that day because of prescribed burns of the underbrush. To say we were disappointed would have been an understatement. So we looked at the smaller peak to the west and started our hike.

The best thing about all of this (besides the company) was we would have never taken this trail. Stonewall is too magnificent to pass up. But to our delight, this hike was very satisfying. Beautiful creation, birds, views, there was even beauty in the fire devastation of 2003.

After the hike we drove back to the cabin my mom rented and had breakfast. We spent two nights there to just be together as a family and celebrate her big birthday. The hike was the highlight of our time at the cabin.

Oh ya, one more thing. My lil' brother almost stepped on a rattler. I was right behind him and saw the whole thing. My adrenaline pumped for about a half mile. Our friend rode on her husband's back about the same amount time. It was quite the hubbub but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

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