Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guns of Navaronne

Week 24 - Guns of Navaronne by A!ison
 Guns of Navaronne, a photo by A!ison on Flickr.

Fourth of July is TEN days away so on our way up to Jacksonville we stopped at Phantom Fireworks. To our sheer joy, they were having a buy one, get the second for $0.99. JACKPOT!

This past New Year's was our first experience with fireworks. Like the amateurs we were, we settled on lots and lots of fountains. We now know fountains are for babies and people from California.

This time we went strait for the aerial shooters. Special K is pointing to the biggest one in the store "The Guns of Navaronne" which also happens to be one of our favorite movie quotes (this You Tube clip is not censored, the f-word is used many many times).

So here's what we got:

  • Nineteen shot aerial repeater - Pyro Palms
  • Sixteen shot aerial repeater - Red, White and BOOM!
  • Eight Smiley Face Rockets
  • Six Ten-Ball Long Rifle Roman Candles
  • Six Assorted Roman Candles (the grab bag of Roman Candles)
  • Nine shot aerial repeater - Gunner Mates
  • Twelve Eight-Shot Flashing Thunder Roman Candles
  • Nineteen shot aerial repeater - Molotov Cocktail
  • Four sets of Firecrackers
  • Twelve Military Satellites "spins upward with showers of sparks"
  • Four Strobe Flowers "spins on ground with flashes of lights"
  • Four packs of Snaps

We gonna light our neighborhood up!


Connie R. said...

Please don't die.

Wootman said...

I'm not at all worried about you dying (though I am NOT the most sensible person on your radar screen, for sure), but I am rather tickled that every single one of the firework items you mentioned reads like how I imagine the "services" list may read at The Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas!!

It's like each line you printed could be the name of the "engenue" and just exactly what it is she'll (he'll? ewww) do to you.

And it's definately a bonus~buy one and get on for 99 cents!


Anonymous said...

hey, you....I am able to comment if there are other comments posted...but cant figure out how to be the first!! YSN