Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Storm

You can see it literally rolling in.
Rainy season has for sure hit Florida. It seems like every other afternoon a rain cloud rolls in and waters my grass. Within a very short period of time, we've had two HUGE storms pass through and yesterday afternoon was one those storms.

I walked into the kitchen and through my kitchen window I saw the biggest, darkest clouds coming strait for us. You could see the lightening raging inside the clouds, such an ominous sight. The strange part is it was still sunny over my house so it almost magnetized the color of the clouds.

Less than 10 minutes later a storm unloaded with lightening strikes so close there was no seam between it and the thunder. The lights flickered and the rain pounded on the roof. At that moment I was praising and thanking God for two things: 1.) that I had a roof over my head, one that protected me from the lightening and the rain. Not only do I have a roof but one that does not leak and a floor that is protected from runoff and 2.) that my soul's mate was already safely home from work.

I'm sure you get tired of hearing me carry on about Florida storms especially if you are my Facebook friend, but they really are something spectacular.

Click image to see bigger. For some reason blogger pixelizes the image when I change the size???


Anonymous said...

Young lady you should send these to the New York Times? Great pictures.

mo.honey said...

The New York Times comes to Alison; not vice versa! totally kidding. :)

Also, your roof will protect you from lightning but, actually induce lightening. :P

This storm in particular was pretty awesome. I love your photos of it too!