Thursday, May 3, 2012

265 Days

Greetings Interwebs!!!

I'm back! Did you miss me? (chirp chirp chirp) *cough* Well I've missed you!

After 8 long months of life getting in the way, I've answered the beckoning of my beloved blogget. I love my little corner of the web and feel rejuvenated to give her the time and attention she deserves.

Much has happened over the past 265 days.
  • We caused some liver damage and spent a small fortune at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival.
  • We took a cruise to the Bahamas.
  • We adopted TWO cats from the shelter.
  • I colored my hair purple. On purpose.
  • After only a year and half, I finally know my neighbor's name. (first wrote about it here)
  • We started a weight loss program and to date have collectively lost the equivalent of a ten year old child.
  • I started training to be a runner and have the blisters to prove it.

And yet some things have remained the same.
  • We still live in Orlando and love it here.
  • I still love Jesus, my iPhone and carbs.
  • I'm still addicted to Pinterest. You can see all the time I've wasted pinning here.
  • I still cannot do a cartwheel.

In the words of Slim Shady, I'm back.


I wanna be her said...

Yay! I check every now and then to see if you have posted. I still have gotten no farther on my blog than when you helped me I think. LOL.

mo.honey said...

i have missed you very much! yay, you're back!!!! welcome back and big hugs!!! :)

Alison said...

Thanks ladies. I'm glad to be back. It's like coming home. =)

Penny Princess said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back too I've missed your updates :-)

Penny Princess said...

Btw what's ur neighbor's name?