Friday, May 25, 2012

Lessons Learned by a Novice Runner

2.5 mile run in San Diego

I'm slowly learning the ways of the running world and wanted to share some of the advice I've been getting from some fellow (experienced) runners.

On a side note, have you ever experienced something new and all of a sudden that's all you notice? Well that's happening to me with running. I only just discovered that these type of occurrences are called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.

Anyway, I recently traveled to my home town, San Diego, California, to throw my soon-to-be sister-in-law a bridal shower. While in San Diego I continued my running training and got schooled on some things.

1. I could run much further in San Diego.
At first I thought it was the cool weather but later I found out, after talking to a runner, that running alone allowed my mind (and body) to focus. I LOVE my running partner and I LOVE the long "therapy sessions" we share during our runs, but talking is taking the precious energy and breath we need to keep going. So...

LESSON ONE: Be intentional about building your mental endurance. Work on getting in "the zone", that sweet spot where you're mind allows you to run the distance you need to go. Because let's face it, it's our minds that stop us from continuing, not our bodies. Sorry to say that I do not (yet) have an awareness of how to accomplish this. I'm just simply aware that it's something I need to work towards. And...

LESSON TWO: conserve as much energy as you can, which in my case means no talking.

2. Treadmill running is easier than street running.
Again, I could run much further and longer on the treadmill than if I was just running my normal route on the street at home. It makes sense. A treadmill is a consistent speed, terrain and climate making it easier to go longer. It's also propelling you forward so you use less energy. However, marathons and in my case 5K's, are not ran on a treadmill. My sister-in-law has been running for about 4 years now - 7-9 miles a day, on a treadmill. She recently changed her routine to street running and in her words, is struggling running only 3-4 miles. So...

LESSON THREE: if given the choice, street run. Build stamina on the harder method. Treadmills can be the go-to for bad weather.


ABOUT THE RUNNING ME: I'm a beginner runner in the 7th week of training with no previous running experience. I made the decision to start running with the help of a friend and the C25K app on my iPhone (also available for Droids). We have followed the C25K training and have been able to complete each session/week with increased endurance and no injuries.


Penny Princess said...

Looks like you're doing great working off all that yummy mexican food you ate in SD!

mo.honey said...

This post is really motivating. I'm just waiting for T$ to start running and blogging again and this post might do the trick! :) xoxox