Sunday, May 6, 2012

RUN Alison RUN!

Have you ever **loved** the **idea** of becoming knowledgeable and/or skilled about something specific but discovered it was too expensive or difficult or even maybe finding out it wasn't for you?

For example... golf. Lots of people, myself included, love the idea of golfing. It's considered a sport that doesn't require sports-like exertion. You ride around in a golf cart all day with an ice cold beverage in your hand, hitting tiny balls across beautiful fairways. And let's face it, it's a bourgeois-kind of activity, the kind of pastime that upper-class retired people take up, and who doesn't want to feel upper-class retired every now and then?

But I've played golf and learned from experience that a.) there is exertion in golf, b.) trying to hit a tiny ball across the fairway is not as relaxing as one might envision and c.) there is a reason upper-class retired people golf... it's expensive and requires an enormous amount of free-time to practice and play.

I don't know about you but I pick up on hobbies all the time. Some people might call it ADD but whatever. Just once I'd like to pick up on something and master it (for a lack of a better word).

Well, I might have my chance. I have LOVED the idea of running but like most hobbies, never gave it fair chance. A few weeks ago, my friend suggested we started running and being the iPhone junkie that I am, found the perfect app for it.

On a side note: in order for me to enjoy or be successful at anything, it requires an app for my iPhone. Yep, it's like I'm married to the thing. Pathetic I know.

So the app I found is C25K, "Couch to 5K" in 9 weeks. Simply put, it's freaking fantastic!!!!!!

It's a running program that alternates between walking and jogging and increases the jogging time each week. The app keeps time and actually speaks to you so you know when to walk and when to jog.

Week one we ran 60-seconds intervals... one minute, that's all. It totally KICKED MY BUTT. I remember thinking "I won't be ready to run 90 seconds next week!". But then week two came and I was able to run 90 seconds no problem. Last week the intervals bumped up to 3 minutes... THREE MINUTES!!! And I did it easily. To some that may seem laughable but it's almost unbelievable for me considering my athletic ability. I'm completely amazed at my body's capacity to adjust to the increases each week.

So starting tomorrow, the intervals bump up to 5 minutes. The following week, 8 minutes and the week after that we should be running a full 20-25 minutes. I'm amped!

59 days till my first RUNNING 5K!
248 days till Disney's Marathon Weekend!


I wanna be her said...

I have had this app on my phone FOREVER and have yet to complete day one. I really should start.

mo.honey said...

i'll definitely check this app out! thanks for sharing and congrats for getting so motivated. that's awesome!