Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Snuffer's Tale

Chapter One
Boy meets girl in California and marries the girl after his tour in Vietnam. The boy and girl become a mom and a dad when two perfect, adorable, talented children are born. But sadly the marriage breaks and the dad moves back to his hometown in Kentucky.

Chapter Two
Forty two years later, the son of the couple met his own girl to marry. The dad vowed that he would not buy the couple a gift because he distinctly remembers receiving, among other things, a snuffer on his wedding day all those years ago. A snuffer, shaped like a bell, used to put out the flame of a candle, as if your breath was not good enough, the most ridiculous contraption ever invented by man. No, he would be giving his son cash.

Chapter Three
The mom, like most mom's, became a sentimental hoarder through the years. In a healthy attempt to de-clutter her life, she purged a many things including a worn-out tarnished bell-shaped snuffer. The mom asked her first-born if she would be interested in hoarding the old broken wedding gift herself, at which the first-born replied "No, but I know a certain dad that would!". So the mom gently handed over the snuffer to her daughter.

Chapter Four
The daughter returned home, tenderly wrapped up the snuffer in a package and wrote a note to her dad. It went something like this...

Dear Dad,

You and I had a conversation not too long ago about snuffers and how you remember receiving one for a wedding gift when you married Mom.

Just a few days ago, Mom called to tell me that she cleaned out her china cabinet and went on to list all the items she was getting rid of AND to find out if I would like any of these items before she gave them away to Goodwill. The final item on her list was "a snuffer your dad and I got for a wedding gift."

So Dad, here's the snuffer you remember all those years ago. May it adorn your home forever and may you never have to waste another breath blowing out candles.

Your Daughter

My dad and me

The End


Penny Princess said...

So funny how things come full circle! I love this story :) you'll have to update us with what your dad thought of this re-gifting!

Anonymous said...

precious, precious story....xoxo

mo.honey said...

Lovely story. Your parents are blessed to have a sweet girl like you blossom into such a capable and thoughtful woman!