Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stamping Note Cards

Last week I attended a stamping workshop / crop. I bought a kit and was told I would walk away with 5 beautifully stunning note cards and a little bit of knowledge of stamping. As if scrapbooking wasn't addicting enough... now I'm hopelessly mesmerized by stamping.

I prefer digital scrapbooking over the traditional sense and have shifted to smaller projects like greeting cards so stamping these note cards was right up my alley. The workshop was taught by Sherri at and we did the Pemberley Set.

Sherri had a great design for the last card but my stamping was an epic FAIL. So when I got home to put the finishing touches on each card, I completely redesigned my last one. I'm so happy the way they turned out and cannot wait to get them mailed off to a few someone specials.

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mo.honey said...

One word: GORGEOUS.