Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mah name iz Cali

Y Halo Thar!

Mah name iz Cali, as in teh "Golden State". I'm five yeers old and was adopted from the sheltr in January. I luv to cuddle! I lay on laps and anythin dat iz left on teh floor like clothin, blankets, paper, shoez.

I like to play wif Sammy most of all (teh other kat dat lives at mah house) but half teh time he acts like he dont care, like hez an old man or somethin. An even though hez double mah size an bowls me ovar every time, I still wants to be his best friend. I like lickin him too, him not like it as mutch.

I dont talk mutch. Sammy iz always talkin an carryin on so iz hard for me to git a word in. Evry now an den I'll let someone knoe I iz hungry but thaz bout it.

I mostly jus lay in da sun an let peeps pet me. Ima laid bak kind of gurl.

Nice talkin 2 u.



1 comment:

RollerScrapper said...

So cute! Good for you for getting fit, mo.honey showed me some photos of you and your honey and you look fantastic and so healthy!