Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 2 of 28 Days of Doing - DIY Glass Etching

28 Days of Doing - The Pinterest Challenge
In an attempt to DO more than PIN, I've challenged myself to 28 days of doing. I'm tackling 28 projects found on Pinterest in 28 days. You can see the entire collection of pins here.

Today's Pin: DIY Glass Etching on re-purposed jars

The Pin's Source: makeit-loveit.com and instructables.com by WUVIE

The Gist Of It All: cut out a design on contact paper, place the contact paper on some re-purposed glasswear, apply etching cream, clean, and viola! you'll have a nicely etched design on your glass.

  • $8.99 for a bottle of etching cream, found at most craft stores. I used a 40% coupon as well.
  • $1.00 for a cheap-o paint brush (that I threw away after the project was done)
  • I paid about $8.00 for a stack of Cricut contact paper that I already had.
Hours: 2 hours. If my Cricut hadn't kept crashing I could have done the project in about an hour.

My version of the project: I attempted to etch a cool looking dragon on a re-purposed pickle jar.

Modifications: First, the project claims that you do not need an automatic cutting machine like a Cricut to successfully make this project. Well I'm not gonna lie to you, it would make it a whole lot easier if you did. Yes, you can do without however, isn't it easier to make a cheesecake with an electric mixer than by hand? Same exact dealio.

Second, it was suggested to leave the cream on for 10 minutes. I would have left it on double or even triple the time. I want to see some serious etching! BTW, the etching cream came with no instructions at all so I was left at the mercy of the project's author.

Third, it was highly suggested that you use protection when using the etching cream, it is an acid for crying out loud! But I'm a rebel and did it all with bare hands and paper towels. After the project was over I had phantom burning on parts of my hand and arms. Maybe it wasn't phantom, maybe my skin was melting and I was too stupid to do anything about it... either way, I also suggest using skin protection.

So without further adieu...

DIY Glass Etchig on a Re-Purposed Pickle Jar
Cool Dragon huh?

The dragon design comes off the "Pagoda" Cricut cartridge.