Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 27 of 28 Days of Doing - Chalkboard Painting

28 Days of Doing - The Pinterest Challenge
In an attempt to DO more than PIN, I've challenged myself to 28 days of doing. I'm tackling 28 projects found on Pinterest in 28 days. You can see the entire collection of pins here.

Today's Pin: Chalkboard Painting

The Pin's Source: Just Short of Crazy

  • $3.99 for a small bottle of chalkboard paint
  • Dollar Store plate and wine glasses

Hours: 1 hour

Notable Comments: I tried to find a large platter so I could make a chalkboard cheese platter like this one but never found a cheap enough one so I settled for a large plate I found at the dollar store. And I had a chipped wine glass that I used to dip the stem.

The chalkboard paint was easy to use. I didn't want brush strokes to show so the paint ended up going on kinda thick. The only hesitation I have is the chalkboard paint safe for food? I see no warning signs on the bottle???

All in all, the project was easy and I got the results I was looking for.

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