Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I have spent the last FOUR hours trying to fix my Twitter feed and sync my Nike+ running data, to which I have still yet to accomplish either.

Fixing a Twitter feed is not rocket science, right? Why can I not find a simple solution? In some ways I feel like I've missed the Twitter Bus. I'm asking basic questions that were answered in the infant-stages of Twitter and are now lost to the very technical questions that everyday users are asking. I feel like my Grandma asking how to turn on a computer. I just want a simple gadget that goes on the sidebar of my blog that updates my tweets. Even better would be a way to pull keywords or hashtags so the only tweets that show up are the ones with specific hashtags but I can't even get my feed to work!!

And then there's the Nike+ app. It's a great little app I use for logging my runs. It gives time, distance, pace and even allows me to journal the run. I want all this data to come here to my blog but Nike+ updates to Facebook, Twitter and Path only. I even went so far as to set up a tumblr account in hopes that Path could update tumblr and tumblr could update my blog but nope, won't work. So I went back to the basic solution, Twitter. But then look where I am with that.

And all I really wanted to do was announce my BIG News...

But I'm just so frustrated and after all my complaining about my lack of technical abilities, the Big News seems overshadowed and that's not how I want to start out.

So I guess it'll have to wait.

Here's to my hair, in the hope that it's still around after all this. Ciao.

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