Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old Lady Problems

So this just happened.

I have officially taken a step in to old age. It's funny you know. I've heard all my adult life that once you hit 40 your eye sight starts to slip. Being the immortal that I think I am, I believed I was immune to this type of "decay". Well who's laughing now? I'll tell you who, that 30-years-from-now geriatric golden girl that is me.

So it got me thinking. In 30 years I will be 70-ish and the year will be 2043. Gulp!

In 2043 I will no longer wear these over-the-counter eye glasses. Years before I will have had to get a proper prescription because my eyes will have gotten much worse and I will grow weary of taking them off and on to read. I will have to change my driver's license to a "glasses required" unless of course we no longer drive cars, we'll have auto-pilots in hover crafts.

In 2043 I won't know how to work the latest electronic gadget because I will refuse to have it surgically installed in to my forearm. I will have to call my niece's children so they can tell me how to hook up my monitor on my retina. I pray to God it will work with my bad eyes because I will be pissed if I miss out on that piece of technology.

In 2043 I hope that despite my deteriorating eyes, I will have fabulous skin (although I started worrying about my skin waaaay too late in life), I will still have all my teeth and that I'm able to control my bladder/bowels. Now these are issues that I've been warned about as well but as you can see, I'm still holding out hope for the whole immortality thing.

In 2043 I hope to look back on a good life led; a happy marriage, a healthy body, a God-filled heart, places traveled, people loved... all through glasses, rose colored or otherwise.

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